Lorax Party

1 Mar

With Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the release of The Lorax movie in early March, we thought it could be fun to throw in an extra program about The Lorax for kids in kindergarten and up. I was happy to find a bunch of fun resources on the web, especially at the Seussville site. If I were a teacher, I would have found this site to be gold, with its links to the Lorax Project and  Read Across America. But since I get kids after school, and they aren’t usually up for any discussions that might be too much like school, I tried my best to make this program mostly fun.

I had a huge turnout, which made things a bit chaotic but fun nonetheless. Thanks to their teachers at school, who were also big on Dr. Seuss this week, the kids knew that Dr. Seuss’ birthday was on March 2, 1904 and that his real name was Theodor Geisel. They were all really excited about the movie, but a lot of them had never read the book.  I had a box of promotional materials for the movie to hand out, including hilarious paper Lorax mustaches on sticks, so the kids all got a mustache. Every time the Lorax spoke, we all held up our mustaches.

They listened pretty intently while I read the book and made a few thoughtful comments on it, which was fun to hear. We talked about whether or not the boy planted the last Lorax seed or not, and how they would have fixed things. The most discussion came from the Once-ler and why you never see more than his arms. Kids had lots of different theories about why he was hiding, and they all ended up drawing pictures of what they thought the Once-ler looked like behind the window.

Next we played Pin the Moustache on the Lorax.  I made a Lorax out of construction paper and put him on some poster board, and the kids lined up to try.  With more than 20 kids, the line was kind of long, so I sent the ones who finished to start the craft as soon as they were done.

For our craft, we made Lorax stick puppets from construction paper and google eyes. I found a template for them at a blog called Smashed Peas and Carrots– they were meant to be a fun flannel board. I had to cut out a LOT of wiggly eyebrows and arms but I had just enough for everyone (phew).

If kids finished their craft early, they could grab a piece of paper from the table and some markers and draw a picture of the aforementioned Once-ler. Once they had done THAT, they could make themselves a snack — Cat in the Hat cookies, made from oreos, red Life Saver gummies, and white frosting.

Since I had fun stuff to give away, all the kids went home with a Lorax Track your Tread Journal, Truffala pencils, Lorax bookmarks, and of course, the paper mustaches. Free stuff makes everyone happy!

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